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Privacy Policy
 Nagoya University, Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, High Voltage Electron Microscope Laboratory (hereinafter "the laboratory") respects personal information and recognizes its protection as an important responsibility. The policy below has been established for the handling of personal information.
  1. The laboratory will safely maintain and manage the personal information it collects.
  2. The laboratory will thoroughly familiarize its staff with how to protect and properly manage personal information.
  3. The laboratory will not collect personal information without consent. The information will only be collected to the extent necessary for providing services.
  4. Personal information collected by the laboratory will not be disclosed or provided to third parties without the consent of the individual in question unless required by law.
  5. The laboratory will carefully manage personal information and will work to prevent leaks by implementing information security measures.
  6. The laboratory will respond promptly to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of personal information by the individual in question.
  7. The laboratory will continually maintain and improve its measures for protecting personal information.
  8. For inquiries concerning the protection of personal information not addressed above, contact the Institute.

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