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 The High Voltage Electron Microscope Laboratory provides funded research support via free trial use and paid use. We also accept requests for collaborative research. We provide comprehensive support including technical consultation, experiment design, sample fabrication, analysis and consulting as desired. In principle, equipment at the facility is not loaned out. An operator will provide technical support. If you would like to borrow equipment, please contact us separately.

 If you use the facility as part of this project, a report will need to be submitted. The report will be gadvanced characterization nanotechnology Platformh website, but if postponement is requested to accommodate patent application, publishing can be postponed for up to two years.
 In principle, trial use is for one free sample. Consult with us regarding the usage period.
 However, for non-published paid use (exclusive use of results), only a report on equipment use is submitted, and nothing will be published about the use or results. Advantages of trial use (free use)
Laboratory Equipment
Reaction Science high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscope
High Resolution Electron Microscope
Field Emission Electron Microscope
Analysis Electron Microscope
Focused Ion Beam Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation Devices
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