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 The Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform Project, Nagoya University, supports research with paid use and "Trial Use" invited by the Nanotechnology Platform Center. The support targets are private companies, public research institutions, and universities. Usage includes "technical consultation," "technical assistance," "technical delegation," and "joint research."

 Our operators provide technical support. However, we do not lend equipment at our facilities, in principle. If you desire "equipment usage," please contact us separately. You will need to submit a usage report. The usage report will be published on the website of the Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform (ACNP). However, publication can be postponed for up to two years if an application for postponement is submitted and approved. Reasons for approval include patent applications and paper submissions.

Usage list
Technical assistance Technical assistance occurs when operators provide assistance and guidance about operation methods but the user operates the equipment.
Technical delegation Technical delegation occurs when operators operate devices on behalf of the user.
Joint research Open collaborative research is jointly conducted by users and faculty members using registered devices based on a contract. (If the project shifts to non-open collaborative research, it becomes a voluntary project*2.)
Technical consultation Operators provide support to the user in the form of a technical consultation.
Equipment usage Users operate the equipment themselves after attending seminars and practicums held at the High Voltage Electron Microscope Laboratory. A consultation is required.
Usage consultation*1 Inquiries and consultations on usage.
Trial usage*1 Usage where a user can use the equipment once. A separate application for the Nanotechnology Platform Center is required.
Private use Usage that is not disclosed. Voluntary project*2.
*1 Usage consultation and trial usage are free of charge.
*2 The High Voltage Electron Microscope Laboratory assists with voluntary projects. Paid/non-public usage (proprietary usage) is considered a voluntary project. There is no disclosure of the usage contents and results. Devices other than those registered for the project (see the device list) can also be used. Please consult separately.
Advantages of trial use (free use)
Laboratory Equipment
Reaction Science high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscope
High Resolution Electron Microscope
Field Emission Electron Microscope
Analysis Electron Microscope
Focused Ion Beam Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation Devices
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