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Spport System
 In this project conducted at Nagoya University's high voltage electron microscope facility, high-performance electron microscopes (clusters) are set up primarily to provide support via reaction science high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscopes. This enables microscopic elemental analysis, 3D observation, gas environment observation and extremely low temperature observation and makes it possible to expand use through diversification of supported items. The Nagoya University Electron Microscope Group provides comprehensive support for the implementation of this project.
support flow
on cost services
 Consultation regarding sample processing, observation methods, and device selection is available.
Sample Processing Various sample preparation methods include mechanical polishing, ion beam processing (fine processing), and methods using the microtome, etc.
Observation Advice for experimental design and choice of electron microscopes and observation methods.
Analysis of Observations Advice for analysis of observation results.
Laboratory Equipment
Reaction Science high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscope
High Resolution Electron Microscope
Field Emission Electron Microscope
Analysis Electron Microscope
Focused Ion Beam Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation Devices
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