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Spport System

 This project, which will be carried out at the High Voltage Electron Microscope Laboratory, Nagoya University, will be implemented with high-performance electron microscopes centered on support by the reaction science high-voltage electron microscope. It will enable ultra-micro elemental analyses, three-dimensional stereoscopic observations, in situ observations in gas and cryogenic observations, and expand the use by diversifying support items. The Electron Microscope Group, Nagoya University will provide comprehensive support for the implementation of this project.

support flow
  • The usage report on trial usage and paid usage will be made public upon submission of the report.
  • If the results obtained using this project during the fiscal year are used for external publications, a report to the Administration Office is required.
  • For private paid usage, the results will be proprietary and will not be disclosed (voluntary project).
Support items
 We assist with all aspects of a project, including consulting, sample processing, equipment selection, observation methods, and analysis.
Processing thin film samples Optimal sample preparation methods from mechanical polishing (rough polishing) to ion beam processing (precision processing) as well as sample preparation methods using microtomes
Electron microscopic observations Observation and experimental design, selection of the best electron microscope and observation methods
Analysis of observation results Analysis of observation results, summary of observation results, consultation on interpretation
Laboratory Equipment
Reaction Science high-voltage scanning transmission electron microscope
High Resolution Electron Microscope
Field Emission Electron Microscope
Analysis Electron Microscope
Focused Ion Beam Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation Devices
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